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Successful Leap Day Senior Luncheon

Updated: Mar 27

by Muriel Nelson

Thank you fellow Seniors for attending the CLACC “Leap Day” luncheon. It was rewarding to see 80 people come and enjoy the meal while visiting with friends and neighbors. That’s a few more participants than the December luncheon. We are grateful to the United Covenant Church for the desserts and to the many volunteers who helped.

Since interest is growing in these events, a Spring-themed luncheon is planned for some time in April. Check Facebook (, your church newsletter, posters in local business and of course, the chronicle for more information.

People who attended the February 29 event were asked to suggest other activities that the CLACC should coordinate for seniors….or even, not so senior folks!. Please send your ideas to CLACC by calling (715-263-2233) or emailing .

So far cribbage and other card games are high on the list.

See you in April!

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