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Short-Term Rentals

Short Term Rental Rates

We have several short-term rental options available. For example, the newly redecorated Event Center has a large room (former industrial arts shop) and a small room (former classroom). This space is perfect for gatherings large and small -- from weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, class reunions, and more!


The newly renovated dining room (former cafeteria), is the perfect meeting space or to hold your employee appreciation dinner, fundraiser or annual meeting.


Our licensed, commercial kitchen is adjacent to the dining room and is the perfect place to cater your own party! 

Ready to book your event at the Center? Contact us now.


Short-term rental contract [download]


Area caterers

Irma's Place 715-263-2050

  • coffee, breakfast, lunch

Escape on 2nd Ave 715-263-2040

  • lunch, dinner, specials vary, full menu

John Danielson  715-263-3161

  • barbecue chicken, ribs, sides, etc.


Raising the Bar Sports Pub 715-263-3545

  • pizza, burgers, wings, full menu

Brickfire Pizza - BF Street Kitchens

  • pizza, calzones, ribs, pulled pork, etc.

Deer's Bar and Grill 715-269-5252

  • lunch & dinner, located in Deer Park, WI

Rusty's 715-246-3433

  • lunch & dinner, at the 4 corners, about 15 miles from CL


Joel Powell, Southern Imports Catering

  • formerly at Deer's Bar, now in Star Prairie about 20 miles from CL

Event Center Rental Rates



  • $225.00 per day (see hourly rates, below)

  • Capacity seated at tables: 200


*Due to restroom access, we do not rent the large room by itself.

Option: EVENT CENTER + KITCHEN RENTAL: When someone rents event room(s) and want to use the kitchen for their event add $50.00 per day for kitchen use.


  • 3-day package, both rooms (no kitchen use): $500.00 ($175 savings)

  • 3-day package, both rooms (with kitchen use): $600.00 ($225 savings)


The Weekend Wedding Package includes the use of both event center rooms -- and optionally the kitchen -- for three (3) days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


As an example, you can set up and decorate on Friday, and even host the groom's dinner. Then, have your big event on Saturday without worrying about having to clean up that night. Then, return on Sunday and open gifts, take down decorations and clean up the space at your leisure. Of course, the weekend wedding package rate is available for any event, not just weddings.

NEW! Event Centers Hourly Rates: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, hourly rates are available at $30/hour. 


Dining Room (Cafeteria)

  • Full Day (no food present): $60.00

  • Full Day (food present): $75.00

  • Full Day (with kitchen use): $125.00


NEW! Dining Room Hourly Rates: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, hourly rates are available at $15/hour. 


Commercial Kitchen

  • FULL DAY: (8 hours) $90.00

  • HALF DAY: (4 hours) $50.00

  • LESS THAN 4 HOURS: $15.00 per hour


All Short-Term Rentals: Expectations


  1. Confirm Rentals with partially (down payment) or fully paid rental plus the damage deposit (equal to rental rate). We recommend confirming at least 2 weeks in advance with full payment plus the damage deposit. 

  2. Damage and Key Deposit is equal to the full amount of rental rate. Short-term deposits will be returned within two weeks from date of rental, providing all terms have been met, space is damage-free and cleaned, as agreed upon. 

  3. Set Up: Short-term rentals are self-serve. Tables and chairs are included in rental rates for no additional charge. Renter is responsible for setting up and arranging the tables and chairs in a manner suitable to them.

  4. Trash: Garbage barrels with trash bags will be provided; if you can provide your own trash bags we appreciate it to keep costs low. Dumpsters are located on site for your disposal needs.

  5. Cleaning: Short-term rental spaces will be clean and ready to use when you arrive. Rental space should be left in the same clean condition after you vacate (including taking down tables and chairs). Light cleaning, sweeping, and picking up trash is expected of you; wet mopping is not expected (we'll handle that). When renting the kitchen, we expect all counters and sinks clean, and any dinnerware, utensils, pots and pans that were used by the renter to be cleaned and put away.

  6. Check-out time: The deadline to vacate is Midnight on the last day of your rental. If you need more time, please inquire. Failure to vacate in a timely manner could result in forfeiting your damage deposit.

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