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CLACC and Old School Thrift Shop have many volunteer opportunities with flexible hours and unlimited personal fulfillment. Please peruse our volunteer job listings and reach out either by phone, email or message us on Facebook

Volunteer Spotlight

Our Community Center is run entirely by volunteers. The organization is led by a board of directors with four officers and 11 additional volunteers. The only exception to volunteers is the occasional paid contractors who perform maintenance and repairs when necessary. 

The Community Center has many outstanding volunteers. For example, Doug Cahow, a remarkable 91-year-old founding member, continues to demonstrate his unwavering dedication to the nonprofit Community Center by volunteering his time and skills. For more than 25 years, Doug has fearlessly tackled various tasks regardless of previous training or expertise. From patching a roof to replacing a downspout to painting walls, he offers his assistance wherever it is needed. His commitment and enthusiasm serve as an inspiration to all, showcasing the impact one individual can have on a community. Doug's selfless contributions exemplify the true spirit of volunteerism and highlight the importance of giving back to others.

As the office manager and bookkeeper, Wendy Schoggins manages income and expenses, budgeting, preparing financial reports, and ensuring compliance with accounting principles and regulations. Wendy is also involved in managing day-to-day administrative operations of the center, collecting rent from tenants, processing payments, managing bill invoices, and monitoring cash flow. Additionally, she helps manage event schedules, and manages a volunteer crew of more than 50 locals who perform upkeep on the building, from cleaning to painting to seasonally decorating, including church youth groups, corporate teams, scouts, and more, ranging from young students to older adults. 


Sue Anderson manages a team of approximately 12 volunteers in our nonprofit thrift store, the Old School Thrift Shop, which funds nearly 30% of our operating expenses. Sue manages volunteers and ensures that the shop is running smoothly. This involves tasks such as inventory management, which includes receiving donations, sorting through items, pricing merchandise, and displaying goods in an appealing manner to attract customers. She is also involved in marketing and promoting the thrift shop to increase sales and donations. 


Lori DeBoer is a dedicated volunteer at the Community Center, where her passion for helping others shines through. She generously contributes her time and skills to various tasks, from assisting with fundraisers to serving as the kitchen coordinator to ensure our commercial kitchen complies with state regulations. Her commitment extends to grant writing and even painting walls, showcasing her versatility and eagerness to lend a hand wherever needed. 

Retired attorney Bert Petersen volunteers on our board of directors and offers legal expertise. Bert provides guidance on matters related to nonprofit governance, compliance, and operations. He assists in reviewing and drafting legal documents, contracts, policies, and procedures. Bert also participates in board meetings, discussions, and decision-making processes to ensure legal and ethical standards are upheld.

Pastor Dan Pearson, a board member and part of the original pastoral group that acquired the center from Clear Lake Schools in 1998, provides invaluable wisdom, spiritual direction, and fundraising support to nurture the growth of the Community Center.

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