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The Clear Lake Area Community Center (CLACC) is a tastefully decorated, historic building, located in the heart of Clear Lake, Wisconsin. Housed in the former high school building, it offers low-cost, affordable rental space and community programs. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide an enriching environment for community activities while preserving a beautiful, historic landmark.

CLACC provides a diversity of areas for large wedding receptions, banquets, anniversary parties, lock-ins, charity dinners, meeting rooms, office spaces, retail shop spaces, and a licensed, commercial kitchen. It houses several non-profit organizations, a rich grouping of art- and business-endeavors, along with much-needed community services.

Need some room? CLACC staff will work with you to meet your own individual space requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

"We haven't come this far, to only come this far."

-Larry Foster

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide a supportive environment for educational, recreational, cultural, spiritual, social and economic opportunities while preserving the historic Clear Lake Union Free High School building.

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Who We Are

The Clear Lake Area Community Center (CLACC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation which operates in the former high school building in Clear Lake, Wisconsin.

This historic building was constructed in 1922. It is connected to the Clear Lake Historical Museum building, which was erected in 1912, and is the original Clear Lake High School building.

When the Clear Lake School District completed construction of a new high school building in 1997, the former school building was saved from demolition by a group of community-minded citizens who, in 1999, formed Clear Lake Area Community Center, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and assumed ownership of the building from the Clear Lake Area Ministerial Association. 


As CLACC, the building has served as an incubator for numerous local, start-up, small business ventures. In addition, it has provided a meeting place for local clubs and groups, private and public community gatherings, and much more.


Namely, CLACC hosts Clear Lake's Community Theater, the local newspaper: The Clear Lake Chronicle, Lifeline Food Pantry, and The Old School Thrift Shop to name a few.


CLACC is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers.

Board of Directors


The Clear Lake Area Community Center operates as a 501(c)3, governed by a volunteer board of directors, and solely run by volunteers. This allows us to dedicate 100% of funds to maintain our building and better our community -- all without any cost to taxpayers.The board meets monthly, in the CLACC office, on the fourth Thursday of each month at 9:30 a.m. All are welcome to attend.

Board President, Tim Wyss

Tim Wyss

The volunteer board of directors is led by President R.Timothy Wyss who plays a crucial role in overseeing the organization's operations, office management, thrift store improvements, and ensuring the Community Center’s mission is carried out effectively. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership, setting goals and objectives, and representing the organization to the public. The president works closely with the board of directors, volunteers, and community partners to make important decisions, manage finances, and fundraise to support the Community Center's programs and services.

Board Secretary, Muriel Nelson

Muriel Nelson

As the board secretary, Muriel Nelson fills the role of ensuring the smooth operation of the organization. Her responsibilities typically include maintaining accurate records of board meetings, such as taking minutes and documenting decisions made during the meetings. Muriel is also tasked with keeping track of important documents and assisting with the organization of board meetings and events.  Her skilled writing abilities make her a natural for writing press releases and news articles for the Community Center. Muriel also works closely with the board chair and other board members to help set meeting agendas, distribute materials in advance, and follow up on action items.

Board VP, Ray Cress

Ray Cress

As Vice President, Raymond Cress has the crucial role of supporting the president and overseeing various functions within the organization. Some of his key responsibilities include working closely with the president to develop and implement strategic plans, policies, and initiatives to advance the mission of the Community Center. Additionally, as a leader within the organization, Vice President Cress collaborates with other board members, volunteers, and community partners to foster strong relationships and promote a positive impact in the community. He also represents the organization at public events, meetings, and conferences to raise awareness and build support for the Community Center's mission.

White boardroom

Board Members

Dan Pearson

Doug Cahow

Bert Petersen

Sue Anderson

Wendy Schoggins

Read more about our volunteers and learn how to get involved, here.

Board Treasurer, Virginia Cahow

Virginia Cahow

As the board treasurer, Virginia Cahow plays a vital role in overseeing the organization's finances and maintaining financial stability. Her duties involve crafting and supervising the budget, engaging in financial planning, and producing financial reports. She is tasked with maintaining precise financial records, monitoring the financial well-being of the organization, and delivering financial updates to the board of directors. Collaborating closely with the president, she assists in formulating financial strategies and policies that align with the organization's mission and objectives. Furthermore, she participate in fundraising activities, applies for grants, and oversees financial audits to uphold transparency and accountability in the organization's financial functions.

Flow Chart

Advisory Board

Curtis Glaesemann

Joan Lillie

Wendy Koenig

Bobbi Kearney

Steven Kearney

Richard Selvig

Muriel Nelson

Lori DeBoer

Achieving our Mission

To carry out our mission of providing a supportive environment for educational, recreational, cultural, spiritual, social, and economic opportunities while preserving the historic Clear Lake Union-Free High School building, our organization follows a multifaceted approach. 

We foster an environment for education by partnering with our school district, Community Theater, Community Education, Clear Lake Museum, the local newspaper, youth scouting, dance, ballet, veterans organizations and gymnastics programs. These partners serve individuals of all ages, ranging from traditional classroom instruction to hands-on workshops and seminars, and are designed to enhance skills, foster creativity, and promote lifelong learning. For instance, Community Theater has been housed in the Community Center for nearly 25 years. The stage and Event Center provide the necessary space for Community Theater to host its bi-annual performances, captivating audiences of up to 300 attendees per show, with each play running for six shows. In Community Theater, members find fulfillment through acting, directing, or producing shows, crafting set designs, costumes and props, as well as managing lighting and sound. Additionally, local nonprofit youth organizations gain from running concessions during the performances. 


In addition to educational initiatives, we host recreational activities such as sports leagues and clubs, and fitness classes to promote physical well-being and social connections within the community. 


Cultural events, including dance performances and theater productions, are organized to celebrate diversity and enrich the cultural fabric of our society. Furthermore, spiritual and social opportunities such as at-risk youth and family therapy, religious organizations, veterans, individual support groups, resources for foster children, a low-cost thrift store for underserved families, and community gatherings for seniors and youth are offered to nurture the mind, body, and soul. One specific example is our bi-monthly Senior Luncheon, where local seniors – which may include shut-ins, disabled, or those living with a debilitating condition – gather with new and old friends in our handicap-accessible dining room for a wonderful meal provided by the Community Center and area churches, along with uplifting conversation, entertainment, and fun. 


To support economic development, we collaborate with local businesses and organizations to create opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs by offering affordable retail or office space for their endeavors. Additionally, we foster an environment of networking, and provide resources for economic empowerment. Specifically, our annual fundraiser, “Cupid’s Carnival” sees our tenants collaborating to plan an all-ages event, drawing more than 400 attendees for a day of fun, entertainment, and coming together as a community to support their Community Center. These collaborations continue throughout the year, with businesses cross-promoting one another, offering incentives and discounts to each others’ patrons, which helps them thrive while our community benefits. 

Through these efforts, we aim to not only fulfill our mission, but also to create a vibrant and inclusive community where individuals can thrive and where the historic Clear Lake Union-Free High School building can continue to be a beacon of inspiration and progress.

Diversity & Inclusion

In line with our organizational values and bylaws, we wholeheartedly embrace inclusivity and non-discrimination in any form. We firmly believe that diversity enriches our community and enhances our mission. Membership in our organization is extended to all who share our passion and vision, regardless of gender, religion, race, age, color, or national origin. We strive to create a welcoming environment where every individual and organization is respected and valued for their unique contributions. Discrimination has no place in our community, and we are committed to fostering a culture of equality and acceptance for all.

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