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Tenant Spotlight: Mystic Shapes 

Series that features tenants of the Clear Lake Area Community Center

Mystical Magic from 3D Printing

By Muriel Nelson

Yes, it is magical.  That’s what Mystic Shapes does! They use 3D printers to transform a plastic filament, or cord, into many different colorful animals and other toys that folks, especially the younger ones, are attracted to.  

Mystic Shapes recently moved into Suite 309 at the Clear Lake Area Community Center. It is well worth the trek to their third floor showroom to see the many creations they’ve made. The toys produced on their 3D printers are so “play worthy”. They have articulated dragons and lizards plus all kinds of frogs, turtles, butterflies, fidgits…and more. The colors of these creatures and toys are eye-catching, almost neon in appearance. You will be amazed!

Owners Jacob and Faith Blair have been developing their business over the past 3 or so years. What started as a hobby has vastly changed during that time.  Originally, Jacob acquired a broken 3D printer so that he could make replacement pieces for board games plus some toys for his daughter. He repaired the printer and was off and running with his “hobby”. The first toy he made for his daughter was a lizard and she was taken to it. It wasn’t long before the Blair home was filled with toy lizards.

In time, Jacob was ready to do more with his creative talents.  When discussing the situation with a friend, the friend encouraged Jacob to start a business.  After all, the Blairs had the aptitude and desire to succeed.

Fast forward to today. Jacob and Faith have moved most of their manufacturing to CLACC. They have a line-up of 3-D printers ready to work 24/7 in Suite 309 and manufacture everything from colorful toys to refrigerator magnets to shelves to metal objects. Jacob explained that while they can buy patterns for making some items, they’ve become adept in creating new and unique pieces to add to their inventory.  

Although the plastic filament is primarily used in their manufacturing process, they also produce some toys using a special rubber product. These are also safe for children.  Jacob and Faith ensure that all of their plastic and rubber products are non-toxic. 

Jacob has also made items that appear to be metal, e.g., shelving supports intended for interior design applications. It’s safe to say that Mystic Shapes is run by gifted craftsmen.

Mystic Shapes main sales outlet is renaissance fairs and festivals that are held throughout the area. In fact, they are booked at events every weekend through September. Should you ever get to one of these festivals, look for their rustic-appearing wooden booth, be-fitting for a renaissance atmosphere. Faith and Jacob wear historically appropriate costumes to make the impression complete. 

No longer waiting for weekends to sell their creations, the Blairs now schedule business hours at their suite in CLACC as well.  Currently, they are open 4-7 pm on Wednesday and Thursday.  It’s best to check their Facebook or Instagram site to ensure they are open before heading out to their shop (see contact information below). Note that there is a lounge area in the suite where kids can check out a toy before buying it.

These two business owners pride themselves on the quality of their work. It’s obvious that there is significant effort on the design and workmanship to produce these very durable products.  In fact, they have a “no risk” guarantee, that is, if something should break, it will be replaced. Since the Blairs are parents too, they are very mindful of making  their “creatures” to be appropriate and safe for child play (after considering age factors). For instance, magnets are enclosed in the plastic of the frogs and other refrigerator magnet decorations, totally concealed and impervious to prying hands.

Jacob mentioned that Mystic Shapes also does custom work. They enjoy working with people and bouncing through ideas. Then, they take on the challenge of creating new items be it a new shape or a special color for their customer. 

A little-known but unique feature of their business is their monthly giveaway. Interested? Go to their Instagram site and become a follower to their site.  Who knows, you may be June’s winning entry.  

Information about Mystic Shapes as well as requests can be found at:

Owner Jacob Blair in Mystic Shapes Booth

Magical Dragons and other creatures from Mystic Shapes.

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